Get Married in St Helen’s

If you are looking to get married,… congratulations! You have come to the right place!

For centuries, people have been married at St Helen’s. It’s a wonderful atmospheric Church building for you to feel at home in, and although there are now lots of venues to choose from, St Helen’s is still very popular. People often talk about it ‛feeling right’ to get married in church.

peter, our vicar, says:

“It’s a real privilege to journey with the bride and bridegroom as they prepare for the big day. We try and make the ceremony as special and personal as possible for you.  The combination of the spiritual and peaceful atmosphere of St Helen’s and the fact we are right in the heart of the community here makes for a perfect place to have a marriage celebration”.

ALL-IN-ONE VENUE! great way to keep costs under control!

With the beautiful Community Annexe attached to the church, it is now possible to hold your reception with us as well…. either in the Annexe itself, or moving through there while the church is transformed into the reception venue… please ask about this


More people than ever before can get married at St Helen’s - not just residents in Stapleford, but also those with past connections to the town and church, and those who become part of the congregation no matter where they live. And this includes divorcees too.

Marriage boosts happiness

Marriage helps to keep you together

Marriage is good for your health and extend your life

Marriage protects you legally and financially

Marriage is good for a society as a whole

Marriage is good for your children

A church wedding will add a spiritual dimension to your marriage

 You can make amazing vows in church

Church buildings offer outstanding beauty as well as centuries of history

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